Reuse: to use again or more than once.

Reusing items is one of the best ways to help decrease the amount of garbage you create. By reusing an item, you are making sure it is kept out of the landfill and keeping it valuable.

There are many benefits to reusing

First, It helps the environment. Reusing requires fewer resources and less energy. It reduces air, water and land pollution as well as using natural resources like trees.

Second, reuse is great for the community. A great way to reuse an item is to donate it! This helps get the less fortunate community members needed items. You can donate clothes, furniture or shoes to Goodwill, the Salvation Army and many other non-profit organizations in the local community.

Third, reuse has economic benefits because most reuse items are less expensive; it helps all socio-economic groups get the items they need.

There are so many ways to reuse, here are just some examples of what you can do

1. Reuse office furniture and supplies

2. Use plastic containers or reusable lunch bags instead of paper bags

3. Use shoe boxes, magazine, newspaper, margarine containers and coffee cans and make a fun art and craft project.