Recover: Better known as Resource Recovery: “Rescuing” items from being landfilled and reusing them or turning them into energy.

Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery strongly believes in recovering items.
Keeping as many items out of the landfill is our job. How do we do this? By sorting and separating most items people think are garbage.

Our facility, Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery Park is located at 1300 Loveridge Road in Pittsburg recycles or recovers 91% of all the material brought in to our facility.

Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery Park recycles wood, tires, metals, mattresses, propane tanks, appliances, carpets, construction and demolition and yard waste.
  • Wood is ground and sent to a bio mass plant where it’s reused as fuel (instead of coal) to generate electricity or is transported to a decorative landscape facility to be cleaned and reprocessed as bark for consumer.
  • Tires are sorted and shipped to a processing facility where they are shredded and turned into rubber bark/mulch, which is 5 times heavier than conventional wood bark.
  • Yard waste is grinded and sent to a facility where it is composted.
  • Carpet (primarily clean carpet from installation companies) is sorted and recovered —then sent to a facility where it’s processed into feedstock to make synthetic diesel used to generate electricity.
  • Construction & Demolition Debris is placed on our “C&D Line” where we sort out concrete, asphalt, rocks, sheetrock, drywall, plasterboard and wallboard. This recovered material is sent to various recycling facilities. For example, recovered concrete (free of trash) is hauled to a nearby concrete plant and recycled into a base rock or concrete ready mix.
  • e-Waste (electronics) (CRTs, Computer Monitors, TVs, VCRs, Printers, Copy Machines) is collected, sorted and recovered — then sent to a facility where it is dismantled. Valuable metals and coppers found in circuit boards, plastics and glass from CRTs are ultimately recycled.
The Construction and Demolition material we recover are: Metal, Gypsum, Asphalt, Concrete, Roofing, Cardboard, Rigid Plastic, Non-Contaminated Soil, Processed Wood, Plywood, Wood Scraps, Pallets, Shake Roofing, Rocks, Sheetrock, Drywall, Wallboard, Plasterboard, Rigid Plastic & Stones and lots of appliances!